Initially any project begins with getting to know each other, gaining an understanding of the task in hand and exploring what makes you, your company, your service or product different. This stage can involve copious amounts of fresh coffee, or tea and maybe a pack of biscuits, but is of paramount importance. We can't start putting pen to paper until we understand what we are dealing with.

We're a friendly agency, forming a partnership with our clients from day one, nurturing a bond, a chemistry, which ensures the outcome of the work we produce makes us proud, the client proud and stakeholders engage.

We underpin research, strategy and creativity with bucket loads of hard work. Our creativity and individual take on each project shines through, it's a bit of a cliché but we get a real buzz from what we do - if we were cats design would be our catnip.

Random quote:

Holy Cow! They are my favourite design agency named after an animal! - Bex, Leading Lives.

Random Fact:

Did you know - banging your head against a brick wall burns 150cal/hr...

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